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    Hello everyone,
    I am purging part of my DVD collection and have decided these items will go.
    Please note:
    - I am based in Toronto, Canada and to give you peace of mind - I can either meet you in person in the GTA area, or can happily post these items up on eBay for purchase *(after we have agreed on price/ terms).
    - I am only shipping to Canada and USA at this point via Canada Post with tracking number.
    - Most are Japanese pressings unless stated otherwise. Most will still have them shrink wrapped nicely wrapped around if item has been shrink wrapped initially.
    You can see **most** titles here:
    Thanks for looking !
    * denotes Still SEALED.
    JAPAN R2
    Ratatouille Japanese Box Set – Sealed
    Lovers (Making of House of Flying Daggers)
    Empire of Sun (2 disc set with alternate sleeve)
    Frida (2 Disc DTS velevety box set)
    March of Penguins (2 Disc DTS boxset with booklet)
    James Cameron - Ghosts of The Abyss (with slipcase and 3D glasses/DTS)
    Untouchables * SEALED (Digipak - Dolby Digital 6.1)
    Deep Blue Box Set (Documentary)
    The Blue Planet Box Set with bonus disc
    Dances with Wolves Leather 4 Disc box Set (DTS)
    The Butterfly Effect with slipcase (DTS)
    My Darling Clementine (First pressed - 2 disc box set with 2 seperate keepcases – Disc 2 still SEALED)
    The Abyss Box Set (2 x disc with 2 seperate keepcases
    Almodovar’s Talk To Her * (2x DVD Box Set with Booklet and clearcase)
    Sydney’s Lumet Fail Safe
    The Cell (First Pressing with ‘alternate cover’ 2 x dvd / DTS)
    Panic Room BOX Set (DTS)
    Black Hawk Down * SEALED DTS
    Luc Besson’s LEON Double Pack – SEALED ! (DTS)
    Disney’s Lady & The Tramp (2 x DVD with slipcase) *
    History of Violence 2 DVD Set with Slipcase
    The Motorcycle Diaries 2xDVD Box Set (includes the documentary Traveling with Che)
    March of the Penguin Box Set (DTS)
    Infernal Affairs 3xDVD Box * (DTS)
    Moulin Rouge (Premium Box Set with velvety case and DTS disc with 2 seperate keepcases)
    David Lynch's Inland Empire (2 disc box set with book)
    Dark City (DTS Edition)
    Casualties of War (Ultimate Collection)
    Jumanji (Ultimate Collection)
    The Magnificent Seven *(Ultimate Collection)
    Brokeback Mountain Premium Edition (DTS)
    Mr & Mrs Smith Unrated (DTS)
    The Juon with Slipcase (DTS)
    The Departed (3 Disc special edition)
    DOGVILLE (Lars Von Trier -Japanese 3.x DVD Boxset)
    My Blueberry Nights Poster + Box Set (Wong Kar Wai) SEALED*

    Alejandro Jodorowsky - Deluxe Collectors Edition Box Set (Australian 4 Disc Box - out of print)
    Sunshine (HK DTS/ Digipak) * SEALED
    Aviator (HK 3x DVD / DTS/ slipcase)
    Shrek 3/ The Day After Tomorrow/ Platoon (sealed)/ Ratatouille
    UK R2:
    Howl’s Moving Castle
    Speed Digipak DTS
    The Usual Suspect Digipak
    Titanic Deluxe Limited Edition– 5 Disc Set/ DTS
    Disney’s Sleeping Beauty * SEALED (Pop Up Package Edition – slight dent on each side)
    Disney’s La Belle et la Bete Beauty & The Beast (very rare French 2 x DVD digipak / SEALED)

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