Low Volume on Philips LX700

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    Hi there. I recently bought a Philips LX 700 system, consisting of a receiver and speakers. I know this is kind of a begginer's approach to home theater but it satisfy me needs already. What is worrying me is that the volume achieved by the system when using digital input as a source is a lot lower than when using analog input as source. If I play a DVD and select the, let's say, aux input on the receiver (i connected the dvd player to the receiver by both analog and digital coax connections) I get a much louder volume and deeper bass than if I select digital input and play the same title. Same goes for music cds. The max output achieved on analog connectcions is perfectly satisfiable but when using digital connection, the volume just seem too low even when its on max, and the subwoofer works a lot less than when using the analog inputs. Of course, when using digital input, the sound clearer, the bass is less present but is also a lot less boomy, and the sound spacialization done by pro logic 2 on stereo recordings seems to be more convincing through digital connections than analog ones, altough the sound is still at a lower volume.
    What I'd like to know is if it's a normal behaviour of the system to produce a lower volume when using digital connections when compared to the analog ones.

    Thanks already.

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