Low Budget Weirdness: WON TON BABY (Trailer) & WON TON BABY (Animated Short Trailer)

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    HTF should have a MOVIES (Low-Budget) category, for I was having trouble trying to figure out where I should put this news, 'cause there's no way this fits in with this category, but it doesn't quite fit in with the DVD one either, since it might get booked at festivals. Anyhow, this movies looks weird, and no CGI in sight. The mutant baby is all practical.


    FANGORIA: With the indie horror/comedy WON TON BABY! recently completed, its creators are embarking on a stop-motion short-film tie-in, teaming up with Michael Granberry, who did the terrific animation sequences for NEVER SLEEP AGAIN: THE ELM STREET LEGACY. The feature’s director, James Morgart, gave us the details to go with a trailer you can see past the jump.

    “The short is expected to be somewhere around five minutes long and is titled WON TON BABY! IN MIDNIGHT SNACK,” Morgart tells Fango. “It was written and directed by Michael and the score is being done by Mars of Dead House Music, who did the music for the feature. I’m executive producer on the project, and it’s obviously based on the characters created by [WON TON co-writer/actress] Suzi Lorraine and myself. The basic premise is a sort of reimagining of the baby’s first overnight stay at the hospital after his ‘birth.’ A couple of security guards hear our little creature go ‘bump in the night’ and all hell breaks loose as a result. It's going to be fun, gory and violent.”

    In addition to NEVER SLEEP AGAIN, “Michael is a full-time animator for ROBOT CHICKEN and worked on the entire past season, including the latest STAR WARS episode,” Morgart notes. “He is an amazingly talented artist who we’re hoping we can get on board to do a stop-motion/live-action hybrid for WON TON BABY! 2, Ray Harryhausen style.”

    The filmmaker adds that the investors on WON TON BABY!, which is currently seeking distribution, “have told us point blank that if we can make a profit, they will back us on a bigger and better—and crazier—sequel. Suzi and I have all sorts of ideas bouncing around, which involve bringing in former scream queens to build on the backstory of Debbie Rochon’s character as well as the Harryhausen concept—sort of like IT’S ALIVE meets JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS. But we need to get this film out first; so far, we’ve shown it at the New York City Horror Film Festival, A Night of Horror International Film Festival in Australia, Ravenna Nightmare Horror Film Festival in Italy and GoreZone International Horror Festival in London.” You can see WON TON BABY’s official website here and the site for Morgart’s Morgue Art Films here, and find out more about Granberry’s work at the official site of his Red Hatchet Films company.


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