LOW BUDGET MADNESS: THE MILLENNIUM BUG (Trailer): Inbred Hillbillies & Giant Monsters!

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    DREAD CENTRAL: You know what makes us happy? Practical effects work, giant monsters, and gore laid on so thick you have to fight your own legs not to stick to the floor. The latest trailer for the indie flick The Millennium Bug has all of that and then some. Folks, this is gonna be good and messy!

    Feast your eyes and glut your soul on all of the horrific goodness contained below. Look for more on this one ASAP! In the interim keep your eye on the official Millennium Bug website. Thanks to DC reader Avery for the heads-up as always.

    When the Haskin family seeks refuge from Y2K hysteria in the isolated forests of the Sierra Diablos mountains, madness and terror find them there. Abducted by a vicious hillbilly clan, the Haskins fight for survival, but neither they nor the hillbilly Crawfords can comprehend the monstrous nightmare about to erupt from the bowels of the earth.


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