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    I've had my living room redone and I'm no longer able to use my RealTraps acoustic panels. In fact, they've been sitting in a guest bedroom closet taking up space that my lovely new bride would like to use. I would prefer to sell these panels as a lot. And I would greatly prefer local pickup and not have to ship these, as I don't have the original boxes. I live in the Leesburg, FL area, Zip 34731, which is about forty minutes northwest of Orlando.

    The RealTraps are all in very good to excellent condition, and they are all in the "wheat" color.
    Two - Tri-Corner Traps ($249 ea. new)
    Three - Corner Mondo Traps ($349 ea. new)
    Four - RFZ Panels ($249 ea. new)
    One - 2' x 4' MiniTrap ($199 ea. new)
    Two - 2' x 2' MiniTraps ($139 ea. new)

    I also have four GIK Acoustics D1 diffusors which have been painted flat black and mounted in stained wood frames - two diffusors per frame - which I'll include in the lot. I'm asking $1200 for the entire lot, picked up, but I will also consider trades. I'm looking to upgrade to a late model/new receiver that is capable of driving 4 Ohm speakers (Salk SongSurround II RTs).

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