Looking for Widescreen RPTV < $2000 for replacement of Samsung

Discussion in 'Displays' started by RickE, May 8, 2003.

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    Dec 13, 2002
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    Hello all,
    I'm looking for a replacement for my Samsung HCL4715W 47 inch widescreen. I purchased this unit in December after much deliberation and spending hours reading this forum. Since that time I Sears has replaced the screen due to the obvious vertical line in the middle of the screen (common for this unit as I have read). The second a real problem is that the with my DVD connected to the 480i/480p component input, the picture is washed out with a real yellow push (if there is such a thing). The tech has replaced the input without a fix and two main boards from Samsung have been sent back (1 was broke in shipment, 1 wouldn't power after install)

    There is a second 480p/1080i component input that works but I am thinking that I may have digital sat in the future and, well hell I paid for two component inputs. Anyway, Sears cannot get this model and I am not willing to take the 4 month old floor model as a replacement. The Store Mgr. is willing to exchange it for another model if I pay the difference. So I am looking for suggestions for a good replacement in the 46+ inch range and trying to stay below $2000.

    This whole thing kinda sucks as I got such a great deal on the Samsung to begin with (

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