Looking for "no cell phone", "visit the snack bar", "buy gift certificates", etc. clips seen in movi

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    (This is a repost of something I posted over a week ago in another forum but only received one reply. In retrospect, the topic seems more in line with what people in this forum are doing, so I hope to get more help here. Thanks in advance!)

    I have some "Digital Copy" movies on my computer (the legal kind that come on a 2nd disk with some DVDs these days, they are unlocked with a code printed on a coupon inside the packaging). I'd like to turn these into more of a "movie theater"-like experience by putting them in a playlist with some trailers as well as some other classic movie theater elements like the messages that remind you to turn off your cell phones, "please note the nearest exit…", etc. Maybe even something like the old "let's all go to the lobby…" or other clips advertising the snack counter, etc.

    I have plenty of trailers, although if anyone knows of places to download hi-quality free trailers (besides the iTunes Store), especially older/vintage trailers, I'd love to hear about it.

    But what I'm mainly hoping for is to learn about some places where I can legally download free copies of those other kinds of movie theater pre-movie clips. Anyone know of any websites that has that kind of stuff?

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