Looking for help upgrading my Home Theater system.

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    Hey everyone,
    I'm looking to spruce up the tech in my living room. A quick overview of what I have now:
    40'' Sony Bravia w/ a measly 2 HDMI inputs. (But she is 1080p :)
    Samsung HTiB ---> http://www.samsung.com/us/video/home-theater/HT-C5500/XAA
    Verizon Fios Top-box
    So basically, my problem right now is that I cannot have all my components hooked up to each other simultaneously. I figure that getting a receiver can fix this problem for me? I know almost nothing about receivers for sure, so if someone could let me know if I'm making the right assumptions I'd really appreciate it. My assumption is this: That I can buy a receiver, hook my Xbox, Cable Box, and Blu-ray to the receiver. Then hook the receiver up to the TV (only one connection to the TV total). Now, instead of switching inputs on the TV, I would switch inputs on the receiver, right?
    Here is the last key bit of info: **I would disconnect my 6 speakers (5.1?) from the Blu-ray player they are currently hooked up to (as part of the HTiB) - and connect them to the receiver. Then, everything I watch (Cable, Xbox, etc) will come through the surround sound?
    The current wiring for the speakers has special connections to the Samsung blu-ray player, but I figure i can just strip the ends of those wires and connect them to the receiver in the typical way? (Red and black?). I would prefer to do that just for simplicities sake, but I'm not against buying new wiring if you guys recommend that.
    And ultimately I plan on upgrading my speakers in the near-ish future anyway... these Samsungs *buzz* at loud and/or bassy levels, if you know what I mean (very frustrating!). I wouldn't be surprised to find out that they are actually really crappy!
    All of this is basically a question . . . Am I thinking right?
    I'm willing to drop $300-$500 on a receiver, perhaps the Onkyo TX-SR313 OR the Denon AVR-1912...any thoughts on that?
    Thanks a lot, greatly appreciated!

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