Looking for a specific Laurel & Hardy moment

Discussion in 'Movies' started by StephenAlto, Sep 16, 2010.

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    I’ve noticed there are some hardcore comedy fans around here, so I hope someone will find this to be a no-brainer. I’m looking for a moment in a Laurel & Hardy film—actually, it might be two separate moments, I’m not sure.


    I’m looking for a moment when Hardy does something with an absolute finality, turns to either Laurel or the camera and does a firm nod, as if to say, “There! Done!” (Lord, it’s hard to write out his mannerisms!)


    Secondly, I’m looking for any time the boys go to bed and Hardy says, “Goodnight, Stanley,” and then Laurel says, “Goodnight, Ollie.”


    Ideally, I’d love these to be side-by-side—Hardy gives the nod and then says goodnight to Laurel.


    Most of my L&H DVD collection is their silent films, so I’m at a bit of loss for the talkies. Does anyone have any suggestions?


    (BTW, for the Seinfeld junkies out there, Jerry and George act out this mini L&H exchange in an episode. I was watching with a friend who had no idea what the reference was [for shame!] and so I’m trying to illustrate who they were paying tribute to.)



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