Little Help with 7.1 Setup for home PC?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Mobius, Oct 22, 2011.

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    Hi People! First time here, and I'm looking for some knowledgeable comments about my proposed setup in my study. I don't own a TV, and don't want one, so my setup is exclusively for my PC. I specifically avoided buying any component with an OSD, as I wouldn't be able to use it. All three of my PC Monitors are DVI, not HDMI. I have had a 5.1 PC system for a while but it has died, and so I have purchased a bunch of new-second-hand components. I want to set up a nicely running 7.1 system running from my PC's Optical Output. Here's the bits I have: Mordaunt Short Center speaker KEF Powered Subwoofer Gale Monitor Reference (Fronts) BMW 230i (Surrounds) Gale Mini Monitor (Rear Surrounds) NAD T752 5.1 Receiver/Amp NAD 2700 Power Amp. The T752 is a 5.1 system, with 7.1 outputs. And this is where the NAD 2700 comes in. I run the Pre-OUTS for the front to the NAD 2700 so I have the best power amp driving the front speakers. I take the Surround Rear Pre-Amp Outputs and plug them into the Front-Main-IN, and run the Surround Rear speakers from that output, as seen below. [​IMG] To me this would seem to be the logical setup, with all 7.1 channels being nicely driven. Can you confirm? I'm not sure whether to put the BMWs at the Surround, or Surround-Rear location. The Gales (either of them) are more musical than the BMWs, but the BMWs can push harder. Mind you - I am so old I fart dust, so maximum volume is NOT what I am looking for here. Can anyone comment on this plan, or any mods I should make to it?

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