Lionsgate Press Release: Snow White A Deadly Summer

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    March 20th

    Snow White: A Deadly Summer

    A killer twist on a classic fairytale debuts on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this March as Lionsgate releases Snow White: A Deadly Summer. The horror film stars Maureen McCormick (TV's "The Brady Bunch"), Eric Roberts (The Expendables) and Shanley Caswell (TV's "The Middle"), as "Snow." The DVD premiere also includes a stills gallery.

    Devastated by her father's remarriage, Snow (Caswell) begins to act out towards her new stepmother (McCormick). Given an ultimatum by his new wife, Snow's father (Roberts) sends his daughter off to a summer camp, unaware of its dark past. Snow soon learns that the camp was the site of a murder several years ago, and that the suspect fled into the woods, never to be seen again. Not long into her deadly summer, campers begin dying off and Snow feels as though a killer is watching her.

    Pricing: DVD - $26.98

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