Lionsgate Press Release: My Girlfriend's Back

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    My Girlfriend's Back

    An intelligent romantic comedy with a big heart, Lionsgate debuts My Girlfriend's Back on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand this March. The film stars Malik Yoba (Why Did I Get Married Too?) as a successful man whose life begins to unravel when his ex-girlfriend (Tangi Miller, Madea's Family Reunion) unexpectedly resurfaces. Feelings get complicated for the old flames in this urban comedy about love and lust, and the complexities of relationships past and present. The DVD also contains a stills gallery.

    Dereck Scott (Yoba) is lucky in a lot of ways - but unlucky in love. He's climbed his way up the professional ladder only to find himself faced with a detour when his ex-girlfriend, Nicki (Miller), pops back into his life. Faced with no easy decision, Dereck must choose to reignite the flame that the two once shared, or to continue on his well-plotted path to success.

    Pricing: DVD - $26.98

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