Lionsgate Press Release: Locked Down Presented by TapouT (DVD)

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    Locked Down Presented by TapouT

    There's only one way to survive among the toughest inmates in this prison - break out of the cage! Starring action favorite Vinnie Jones (The Midnight Meat Train), Locked Down enters the ring this November on DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Digital Download and On Demand. Alongside Jones, some standout Mixed Martial Arts fighters heat up the screen including Kevin 'Kimbo Slice' Ferguson (Former Elite XC Champion), Forrest Griffin (Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Fighter) and Rashad 'Sugar' Evans (Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion). Featuring music from Ice-T and Cool MOD, 7 Days Away and more, the Locked Down DVD and Blu-ray Disc contain bonus features that include interviews with the cast and crew, a behind the scenes featurette and audio commentary with director Daniel Zirilli (Circle of Pain).

    When an investigation goes wrong, respected cop Danny is left to take the fall. While he contemplates the injustice in his prison cell, he also finds himself caught in the middle of an underground cage-fighting ring among the other inmates. With the help of a new ally, Danny devises a plan to right the wrong done to him and his family - but he has to break out of the cage alive first!

    To coincide with the DVD and Blu-ray Disc release date, a signature TapouT Locked Down T-shirt will be available at retailers nationwide, wherever TapouT merchandise is sold.


    Pricing: DVD $26.98


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