Lionsgate Press Release: June16/July 7th Releases (Madea goes to Jail)

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    Lionsgate is proud to announce these upcoming DVD releases from Tyler Perry arriving on June 16th - Tyler Perry's Madea Goes to Jail and Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Four.

    Then on July 7th Lionsgate will release Five Fingers and Dead Wood.

    June 16th
    Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail.
    At long last, Madea returns to DVD in the hysterical new film Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail. Produced, written, directed and starring hit maker Tyler Perry (Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns), the film is based on his popular stage production of the same name and follows America's favorite irreverent, pistol-packin' grandmomma behind bars as she raises hell while lobbying for her freedom...Hallelujer! The DVD includes six featurettes that cover the hilarious characters and the making of this outrageous film! Available in Widescreen and Full Screen versions, Tyler Perry's Madea Goes To Jail will be set free day and date with the DVD release of Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Four.

    After a high-speed freeway chase puts Madea in front of the judge, her reprieve is short-lived as anger management issues get the best of her and land her in jail. A gleeful Joe couldn't be happier at Madea's misfortune. But Madea's eccentric family members, the Browns, rally behind her, lending their special "country" brand of support. Meanwhile, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Hardaway is on the fast track to career success. He lands a case too personal to handle, defending young prostitute and former drug addict Candace Washington, and asks his fiancée and fellow Assistant District Attorney Linda Holmes to fill in on his behalf. When Candace ends up in jail, Madea befriends the young woman, protecting her in a "motherly" way as only Madea can.
    Pricing: DVD $29.95

    Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Four
    The next installment of Tyler Perry's award-winning television show - "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" - comes to DVD with 20 more hilarious episodes about a multi-generational family forced to all co-exist under one roof. Currently the #1 cable sitcom on television, the show premiered on TBS in June 2007 as the highest-rated cable sitcom telecast of all time and recently won four Image Awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Actor (LaVan Davis) Best Supporting Actress (Keshia Knight Pulliam) and Best Supporting Actor (Lance Gross). The 3-disc DVD set contains a host of bonus features including a blooper reel, a character profile and a featurette. Tyler Perry's House of Payne: Volume Four will be available on June 16, 2009, day and date with the DVD release of Perry's Madea Goes to Jail.

    With its smart mix of comedy and drama, "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" focuses on a working class family that experiences all of life's struggles -- divorce, rehab, anger management and child custody -- with a special blend of faith, love and laughter. Pops, the head of the household, has his life and home disrupted when a house fire forces his nephew's family to move in, bringing together three generations under one roof. As chaos erupts, it soon becomes evident just how wide the generation gap is as the family makes its way through their hilarious ups and downs. "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" tackles real life issues with great humor.
    Pricing: DVD $29.98 (3-Disc Set)

    July 7th
    Five Fingers
    A shattering look at the shifting morals of terrorism and covert torture, Lionsgate's Five Fingers stars Academy Award® nominee Laurence Fishburne (What's Love Got to Do with It), Ryan Phillippe (Crash) and Colm Meaney (Layer Cake) in a startling cat and mouse thriller that turns recent prisoner abuse scandals on their head. The Five Fingers DVD special features include the featurette, "Endgame: Inside Five Fingers" and a trivia track, and will be available this July.

    Martijn (Phillippe), an idealistic Dutch pianist, travels to Morocco to help start a food program for malnourished children. On Middle Eastern soil, however, he and his British guide Gavin (Meaney) are abducted by terrorists who mistrust Martijn's altruistic motives. The captors promptly kill Gavin and then begin systematic attempts to extract information from Martijn by cutting off his fingers one at a time. Enduring unimaginable torture, Martijn desperately tries to prove his innocence to the group's ruthless leader, Ahmat (Fishburne). Forced to question everything, and everyone that brought him to Morocco, Martijn has only one choice: solve the riddle of his captivity or die trying.
    Pricing: DVD $26.98

    Dead Wood
    Four friends. One stranger. No hope. This July, everyone will fear Dead Wood. Winner of Best Digital Effects in the 2007 B-Movie Awards, the film is "sure to scare the hell out of you" ( Anxious to get out of the city, two couples pack up and head out for a long weekend in the woods. Events take a turn for the worse when a girl mysteriously appears at their campsite looking for her missing boyfriend. The nightmare has only just begun as they find themselves lost in an endless wilderness haunted by a dark evil. Slowly, they start to disappear one by one. What has really happened to those who were taken and what's about to happen to the few that remain in Dead Wood? The Dead Wood DVD contains a forest full of bonus features that include deleted scenes, an alternate opening and ending, a film diary, special effects comparisons and outtakes.
    Pricing: DVD $26.98

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