Lionsgate Press Release: February 2nd and 9th 2010 Titles

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    Lionsgate is proud to announce the upcoming DVD releases of LeapFrog: Math Adventure to the Moon, Fraggle Rock: Wembley's Egg Surprise, Jim Henson's The Hoobs: Hooblebobbers and Other Spring Things and Shoot First and Pray You Live and the Blu-ray Disc releases of classic action films The Running Man, Hard Rain, Drop Zone and The Phantom, all arriving on February 9th.

    Also this month, Lionsgate will release Wolverine and the X-Men: Fate of the Future on February 2nd.

    February 9th
    LeapFrog: Math Adventure to the Moon
    Lionsgate Home Entertainment and top educational toy brand LeapFrog® have come together to teach beginning math skills in a fun out-of-this world experience with the release of an all-new educational DVD, LeapFrog: Math Adventure to the Moon. The new DVD takes both preschoolers and parents alike on an educational and entertaining mission to the moon where they will learn early math skills like counting, sorting and addition with their old friends Tad, Lily and Edison. TheLeapFrog brand is one of the best-selling and most recommended children's DVD brands and is considered by moms across the country to be the leading educational toy brand. The most recent production - Let's Go to School - was the #1 selling Children's Non-Theatrical title for two weeks in August 2009, while LeapFrog DVDs held four of the top 20 spots on the Children's Non Theatrical sales ranking for four weeks in August and September 2009.

    Join Tad and Lily as they blast off on an exciting educational adventure! Tad and Lily need the perfect collection of things to take to school for their math assignment. When they finally decide on moon rocks, there's just one problem-how will they get them? With some magical help from their firefly friend Edison, they board a rocket ship to start their quest. Soon the twins learn that math is everywhere, even in outer space! Watch as they use their skills in counting, sorting, skip counting and recognizing patterns to overcome obstacles, find new friends and make the trip back to Earth!
    Pricing: DVD $14.98

    Fraggle Rock: Wembley's Egg Surprise
    Bring in the spring with the Fraggles! Fraggle Rock: Wembley's Egg Surprise features three episodes from The Jim Henson Company's iconic series Fraggle Rock™ together on their own DVD arriving this Spring from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. Viewers will be greeted by their favorite fun-loving Fraggles - Gobo, Mokey, Red, Wembley and Boober - as well as the diligent Doozers and giant Gorgs, in the fantastical, musical world of Fraggle Rock. Get ready to discover the true meaning of caring, sharing and renewal that makes springtime such an important and beautiful season. Certain to please Fraggle fans of all ages, Fraggle Rock: Wembley's Egg Surprise comes packaged in a glossed, embossed O-card.

    Spring is in the air down at Fraggle Rock! Grab your gardening gloves and jump into the garden with Marjory the Trash Heap, who decides to teach the Fraggles, Doozers and Gorgs a lesson by magically making all the radishes in the Gorgs' garden disappear! Discover what happens when Doc from "Outer Space" uses the power of music to help his plants grow. And the egg hunt begins when Wembley finds the egg of a Baby Tree Creature in Fraggle Pond. Join the lovable Fraggles and their pals in these spring-filled episodes blooming with friendship and fun! Includes 3 episodes: "Wembley's Egg," "The Great Radish Famine" and "The Finger of Light."
    Pricing: DVD $14.98

    Jim Henson's The Hoobs: Hooblebobbers and Other Spring Things
    The Hoobs, a series of magical musical fun starring puppets from The Jim Henson Company, is arriving on DVD for the first time ever with Jim Henson's The Hoobs: Hoobloads of Learning and Fun! The space-hopping Hoobs explore the universe looking for answers to all of life's biggest questions: Why does it rain? Why do birds chirp? Which flower is the most hoobacious? The television series is a cult favorite in the UK with kids and adult fans with a nostalgic fondness for Henson's classic properties. The show, which won a BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) award for Best Preschool Live Action Series, also broadcasts on Sprout in the U.S. Featuring over two hours of content, Jim Henson's The Hoobs: Hoobloads of Learning and Fun includes 6 episodes: "Eggs," "Peep Flowers," "Birdsong," "Problems for the Pansies," "Flower Power," and "Rain."

    Say "Hoobledoop!" to Jim Henson's The Hoobs, the happiest and hoobygrooviest explorers in the universe! Iver, Tula and Groove have travelled to Earth in their colorful Hoobmobile from the sunny, funny world of Hoobland. Every day is a new adventure as they seek answers to their questions about how things work. As Tiddlypeeps (human children), you can help them put together a hoobledoobledooper report packed with fun and amazing facts so that Hoobs and Peeps everywhere can learn from your discoveries!
    Pricing: DVD $14.98

    Shoot First and Pray You Live
    This February, Lionsgate releases to DVD a sure-to-be classic western Shoot First and Pray You Live. A graphic homage to the classic Spaghetti Westerns, the film follows Red Pierre as he tries to hunt down legendary gunman Bob McGurk to avenge the murder of his parents. Shoot First and Pray You Live received praise on the festival circuit, winning the Independent Spirit Award at the 2008 Santa Fe Film Festival and becoming an Official Selection at the 2009 Indianapolis International Film Festival, Big Island Film Festival and ReelHeart Toronto International Film Festival. A tale of love and revenge - outlaw style - Shoot First and Pray You Live will include behind-the-scenes footage and a storyboard to screen comparison.

    Nowhere in the vast spread of the desert has there ever been a greater legend told than the bloody tale between Red Pierre and the phantom gunfighter, Bob McGurk. Red Pierre has traveled through the mountains from a Mexican Monastery to avenge his dying father who was fatally wounded by the infamous outlaw, Bob McGurk. However, before Pierre can have his showdown with this invincible gunman, a gang of bandits captures him. Instead of fighting them, he decides to join forces and ride on with the wild marauders. The final feud with McGurk has been a long time coming and Red Pierre will stop at nothing to see that justice is served.
    Pricing: DVD $26.98

    Classic Action Films on Blu-ray Disc
    The Running Man Blu-ray Disc
    Hard Rain Blu-ray Disc
    Drop Zone Blu-ray Disc
    The Phantom Blu-ray Disc
    On February 9th, Lionsgate will release four classic action films on Blu-ray Disc for the first time -The Running Man starring Golden Globe® winner Arnold Schwarzenegger (Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical, Junior, 1995), Hard Rain starring Academy Award® winner Morgan Freeman (Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role, Million Dollar Baby, 2004) and Christian Slater (TV's "The Forgotten"), Drop Zone starring Wesley Snipes (New Jack City) and Academy Award® nominee Gary Busey (Best Actor in a Leading Role, The Buddy Holly Story, 1978) and The Phantom starring Billy Zane and Academy Award® winner Catherine Zeta-Jones (Best Actress in a Supporting Role, Chicago, 2002). Each film will debut on Blu-ray Disc for the suggested retail price of $19.99 each.

    The Running Man Synopsis:
    The year is 2019. Television is now ruling people's lives. The most popular reality show is called "The Running Man" featuring convicts who compete to defeat murderous henchmen known as "stalkers" to win pardon. The next contestant on the show is Ben Richards, a prisoner wrongly convicted of murdering hundreds. When Ben faces off against four of the most brutal stalkers, he begins the fight of his life and leaves the entire country glued to their television sets. The Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Resolution 1.78 Widescreen and 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio. Blu-ray Disc special features include audio commentary with Director Paul Michael Glaser and Producer Tim Zinneman and a second audio commentary with Executive Producer Rob Cohen, plus two featurettes and the theatrical trailer.

    Hard Rain Synopsis:
    In the worst storm in living memory, one guard stands between five men and three million dollars. Severe flooding threatens an Indiana town after a massive rainstorm taxes dams to the breaking point. As part of an emergency evacuation effort, armored car driver Tom and his uncle Charlie are recruited to collect cash from the town's banks and drive it to safety. However, a gang of thieves led by Jim plan to lay siege to the truck and steal the $3 million on board. After Jim attempts to ambush the truck, Tom hides the cash and reports the attempted theft to the local sheriff. However, the sheriff's lack of honesty soon becomes apparent; he puts Tom in a lockup and sets out to take the money for himself. As the flood waters rise, Tom has to escape from jail if he is to save both the townspeople's savings and his own life. Meanwhile, Jim and the sheriff are locked in a race to see who can find the $3 million first. The Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Resolution 2.35 Widescreen and 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio.

    Drop Zone Synopsis:
    Pete Nessip is a Federal Marshall who, teamed with his brother Terry, is escorting criminal computer genius Earl Leedy to a new prison facility. Pete, Terry and Earl are on a jet en route to Earl's new lockup when terrorists attempt a daring hijacking. Terry is killed in an explosion aboard the plane, and suddenly Earl is missing. Pete discovers that a team of sky-diving outlaws, led by former DEA agent gone bad Ty Moncrief, have snatched Earl from his flight and spirited him away for a special raid on Washington D.C. Ty and his men intend to take advantage of an obscure rule in which the normally restricted airspace in Washington D.C. is open to parachute enthusiasts on July 4. Eager to avenge his brother's death and put both Ty and Earl behind bars, Pete recruits sky-diving expert Jessie Crossman to teach him how to infiltrate Ty's team of sky-bound criminals. The Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Definition 2.35 Widescreen and 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio.

    The Phantom Synopsis:
    Kit Walker discovers that he's the 21st in a line of purple-clad African superheroes known as "The Phantom" or, to superstitious Bengalla Island natives, "the Ghost Who Walks." As Kit learns how to deal with his other identity he find outs that Xander Drax, a slimy industrialist, is plotting to take over the world by uniting the three long lost magical Skulls of Touganda. So he travels to New York, where he finds allies in crusading newspaper publisher Dave and his niece, Diana, who's also Kit's ex-girlfriend. Kit and Diana tackle Drax's forces, including the conflicted Sala, in a quest for the Skulls that brings both sides back to Bengalla for a showdown. The Blu-ray Disc is presented in 1080P High Definition 2.35 Widescreen and 7.1 DTS HD Master Audio.
    Pricing: Blu-ray Disc $19.99 each

    February 2nd
    Wolverine and the X-Men: Fate of the Future
    This February, Marvel Animation and Lionsgate bring Wolverine fans the fourth DVD installment from Nicktoons Network's hit animated series Wolverine And The X-Men. Wolverine And The X-Men: Fate of the Future features five all-new action-packed adventures following the embattled Mutants as their tumultuous past lives resurface putting the future of the X-Men and the world in peril! Wolverine finds himself in the precarious position of protecting his fellow mutants before the future becomes obsolete. The successful television series which has already sold more than 450,000 DVD copies to date makes its new DVD available at retail the same day as Marvel's highly anticipated Planet Hulk DVD and Blu-ray release. Appealing to fans of all ages, Wolverine And The X-Men: Fate of the Future features 3D lenticular packaging and includes audio commentary with Supervising Producer Craig Kyle, Head Writer Greg Johnson and Writer Chris Yost.

    Wolverine and the X-Men race through time to regain control of their destiny in Wolverine And The X-Men: Fate of the Future. Evil attempts to rewrite the past, and the mutant heroes must prevent a perilous future in these five time-bending episodes. History repeats itself when Wolverine's past resurfaces, forcing him to repay old debts in "Stolen Lives." In "Code of Conduct," Wolverine's history returns again when the X-Men are threatened by the Silver Samurai, who challenges the adamantine hero to another duel. In "Badlands," Logan's captivity helps spawn a new breed of Sentinels to terrorize the future. And before Mojo rips their friendship apart, Nightcrawler struggles to convince a brainwashed Wolverine of their lost days together in "Hunting Grounds." Finally, in "Backlash," when Wolverine learns that Master Mold is the same nemesis for tomorrow's X-Men, he must protect his fellow mutants before the future becomes obsolete.
    Pricing: DVD $14.98

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