LINN KEILIDH Speakers with added Marble Base

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    Linn Keilidh Floorstanding Speakers (pair) Suggested Retail Price: $1350ea. For Sale $550 Call or Text David @ 602-680-0377
    Im selling my beloved speakers due to money issues. If your looking at these, you know what they are and how perfect they sound. These are made by LINN Products LTD. in Glasgow, Scotland. Each speaker is assembled by one individual and his name is then placed on the speaker by the serial number. No corners are cut in the process of building these works of art. The highs are very extended and clean, and the mids are just right- balanced, clean, and with excellent instrumental placement. There is a uniformity and coherence to the presentation that is very effective. The bass is solid into the 40s. I think the last price these sold for was $1800, and I doubt, all in all, that there is a much better new speaker for that $ today. At my price, of $550 for the pair, your getting a steal. If you like natural musical enjoyment more than in-your-face loud, boomy noise, call me and I will demonstrate them for you. I would definatly recomend that you have equally as good components running these speakers, as the will sound only as good as your weakest link. Prefer local pickup but will ship at your cost. Info pulled from web: The wood veneered cabinet is braced over its entire height and contains both fibre sound absorbent and Linn KU-STONE composite surface wave absorbent. The KEILIDH is a two-way loudspeaker, with two mid/bass drivers symmetrically placed about the tweeter to give a very stable sound source. The crossover is built using high quality components and wiring is minimised by the input sockets being soldered directly to the crossover. The ceramic dome tweeter is the same unit we use on the KABER and KELTIK loudspeakers and gives astonishingly clean and sweet transients. The bass drivers have good, low distortion power handling and are configured in parallel which, partnered with the efficient tweeter, give an especially pleasurable loudspeaker. A base made from an attractive smooth granite composite is available as an upgrade (Included in this sale), which uses a little more floor space, and delivers improved performance as it holds the speaker more rigidly. The Linn KEILIDHs are an extremely versatile loudspeaker, and can be used in a particularly wide range of configurations, each with a distinct performance advantage. This makes it easy for you to develop your system over its lifetime, without having to change any substantial component. The configurations possible are: - SINGLE-WIRED - BI-WIRED - BI-AMPLIFIED - BI-AMPLIFIED AKTIV (dealer install only) - TRI-AMPLIFIED AKTIV (dealer install only). [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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