LG brings Arirang TV to its smart TVs

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Kevin Collins, Aug 27, 2013.

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    IF your wife is Korean, read on... Mine is so, this is pretty cool as it is the first "smart TV" feature she would actually have an interest in (actually, she got me hooked on Korean soaps so I could see myself using it). Of course, for some reason it is limited to Singapore. I guess if you actually live in South Korea, you wouldn't want it?

    At any rate LG has just unveiled another TV app for its Singapore customers following the Toggle video-streaming app launched in July. Currently exclusive for LG smart TVs, the latest Arirang TV app offers TV and radio programs which are broadcasted live from South Korea, as well as free on-demand content such as K-pop music videos and news. The Arirang TV app is accessible only on 2012 and 2013 LG smart TVs.


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