Legend of the Sacred Stone

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Scott Leopold, Mar 28, 2003.

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    Nov 21, 2001
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    Has anyone seen this movie? It came out in 2001, and is a martial arts/fantasy movie from Taiwan, performed entirely by puppets. I've read lots of good reviews, and have been interested in getting it for some time. The only problem is that the official DVD, which costs $50-60, has no English subs or dubbing. There's now a region-free version on Ebay going for much less. I've emailed a couple of the sellers trying to find out who put the DVD out. I'm fairly sure it's a not-so-official version from Hong Kong, but I'm still trying to find out whether there's an actul company name associated with the release (Mei-Ah, for instance), or if it's just some guy sitting there making DVD-R copies. One guy refers to the copies he's selling as "custom releases", so I'm more inclined to think that his are DVD-R's, while another insists his are factory sealed, authentic DVD's. If anyone's seen one of these and can give me some advice, I'd appreciate it.

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