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    I am thinking it is time for me to purchase a new laptop computer. I was quite disappointed with the last one I purchased, primarily because of two video issues.

    The first issues was complete disappointment that the HDMI did NOT carry audio. I understand that some of the newer ones now do - but there seems to be no way of determining which ones do until you actually have possession of it - which means I'll likely be buying at Best Buy so I can check this out.

    The other, more troubling, issue has been getting support for the video card. I have a NVIDIA Geforce 8600M GT, 512MB VRAM in a laptop I porchased from ZT Systems. I've had video problems with alarming frequency and Vista keeps telling me to download the latest drive - but NVidea drivers won't work on this laptop - they refer me to the manufacturer website - and the manufacturer has NEVER updated the drivers.

    I understand that this is common because laptop manufacturers don't want to continue paying licensing for updated drivers. So I am stuck with a generations old driver and intermittent crashes. There are so-called 'driver update websites out there - which I understand are mostly complete rip-offs.

    I would like to know which laptop manufacturers either provide reliable driver support or which have drivers that can be updated directly from ATI or Nvidia. I've tried to Google this, but all I ever find is articles about the latest greatest fastes laptop - nothing about ongoing support.

    Anyone here have any advice?

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