Kino Lorber Press Release: Applause

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    Kino Lorber Releases Applause,
    starring Paprika Steen,
    on DVD on November 26th​


    "An extraordinary performance by Paprika Steen."
    - Roger Ebert, The Chicago Sun-Times

    "One of the best screen performances of the year."
    - Karen Durbin, The New York Times

    "Deeply affecting...Unflinchingly real".
    - Betsy Sharkey, The Los Angeles Times
    NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 28, 2013 - Kino Lorber is proud to announce the DVD release of Applause, starring Paprika Steen. This critically-acclaimed drama, directed by Martin Pieter Zandvliet, was theatrically released by World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation in North America, and was an Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival, BFI 53rd London Film Festival, and Vancouver International Film Festival.

    Applause will become available on DVD on November 26th with a SRP of $29.95.

    Recovering alcoholic stage actress Thea Barfoed (Paprika Steen) has gone through turmoil. Having divorced her husband, Christian (Michael Falch), and relinquished custody of their two boys during her heavy drinking days, Thea wants to start over. As her past alcohol use and indiscretions still haunt her, the reality of a new beginning seems bleak. Thea uses her inner actress' charm and manipulation to convince her ex-husband that she is fully recovered and capable of being a good mother to their children; however, she hasn't completely convinced herself.

    On stage, Thea plays the binge-drinking, ostentatious Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? Ironically, her stage character bears an uncanny resemblance to her personal life. As her alcoholism and past regrets hang in the balance, Thea must decide whether to confront her inner demons or let the show go on.

    Director: Martin Pieter Zandvliet​
    Genre: Drama​
    Street date: November 26, 2013​
    SRP: $29.95​

    16x9, 2.35:1 / 83 minutes / Danish with subtitles / Rated R / Stereo / Color

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