Kenwood KC-X1 digital THX av control amplifier/tuner

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    Kenwood KC-X1 THX digital av control amplifier/tuner.
    This preamp processor decodes THX,dolby pro-logic,dolby 3 stereo,mono,and dsp logic in the digital domain.The kenwood turns all analog inputs into digital signals for decoding
    and then turns them back into regular analog signals at the outputs which you then connect to outboard amps you own.
    Their are no digital inputs or outputs just regular analog inputs and outputs.
    Serves as a preamp and tuner providing inputs for turntable,cd player,two tape decks,4 video inputs with rca or two with s-video and three monitor outputs with 2-rca and one s-video.Their are 3 a/c plugs on the back and a pre out THX 25 pin plug for connecting THX amps.Has built in THX 80hz crossover on/off switch on the subwoffer output,Also has remote output jack for connecting other kenwood amps.Includes am/fm tuner.Comes with learning remote control.I paid $725 for this new and will sell for $325 delivered free in the USA.Unit is in good condition.

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