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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Doug_L, Aug 20, 2004.

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    Been reading about this mode for a day or two. Have to pull the trigger quickly as my previous TV simply crapped-out and is not worth repairing. Based on what I've read here and looking through the owner's manual I've got a few questions:

    1) NTSC and standard definition: How does this TV perform? Despite my best efforts (and the numerous HD channels on offer here in NYC), I'd estimate that the majority of my viewing will be SD for a while. It's a big concern for me. With all of the DRC and Clear Edge adjustments is is possible to minimize the signal noise and deliver a decent picture with SD material? This is probably my single greatest concern with this, or any new set.

    2) When viewing in Normal mode with a 4:3 source I'm going to get bars on the side. Can I specify the color of the bars (black vs. grey) or is black the only option. How concerned about burn-in should I be viewing in this mode (with proper calibration, of course).

    3) When using a HD signal (TW Cable in NYC) I presume that I will not need to worry about aspect ratio adjustments, as all HD signals will be 16:9. Is this a wrong assumption? It seems that all of the adjustments even with a 16:9 signal will make this set extremely versatile.

    4) Native resolution: I know that with fixed pixel displays the native resolution on the source is a big concern. Should it matter with this TV? Can I expect a 1080i signal to look as good as a 720p, knowing that one is of course better; in other words, will this TV compromise one vs. the other, as many fixed pixel displays do?

    5) Remote issues: I've read that this TV does not have discrete codes for the input selection (ie: must scroll through the inputs rather than pushing "input 2"). Is this true? Also, anything else quirky that I should know about, taking into account that I will be using a Pronto programmable remote as opposed to the one included with the set?

    6) DVD issues: Are people mating these sets with standard 480p dvd players, or moving up to those that upconvert the signal. I remember seeing a good deal up upgrading DVD player talk when I was looking at plasmas, but that may be a function of the fixed pixcel display issue (again).

    Also, if you've had a bad experience or unit, please let me know the details.

    That's it for now. Thanks in advance.

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