Justified - Season 2

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    I received the first season on Blu-Ray as a birthday present, within three episodes I ordered the second season on Amazon so I'd have it by the time I finished the first. Just a delight, with dialog that is absolutely to die for. Damn near every line is poetry. I've got a backlog of season 3 episodes on the DVR to dive into tomorrow.
    Margo Martindale very much deserved her Emmy, and there's an argument to be made that Kaitlyn Dever should have been nominated alongside her. This show does women really, really well. They're never mere extensions of their men; they're always coming from their own unique point of view, whether they're a middle-aged matriarch, a divorcee in crisis, a murderous widow, or a heartbroken 14-year-old little girl.
    The Season 2 Blu-Ray has a wonderful roundtable discussion with Elmore Leonard, Graham Yost, another of the writers and the main series director. Lots of interesting questions from Leonard about the TV writing process, and very revealing how much of season two originated in a draft the writers had of his new book "Raylan". Mags is the show's creation, about Loretta and Dickey and Coover were Leonard inventions.

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