Just Had My TV Re-Calibrated by Kevin Miller

Discussion in 'Displays' started by James Edward, May 5, 2003.

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    Since I have posted several threads in the After Hours Lounge saying negative things about salesmen, I thought I'd go here with a postive about my ISF calibrator.

    Last year, I had my Tosh 57HX81 calibrated by Kevin Miller, of ISFTV(?), in NY. At the time, he could not get the front panel of the set off, and was unable to do the electronic focus(I believe that's what it's called). Our schedules had not meshed due to various things, so he did not return until yesterday.

    He not only did the focus, but also re-calibrated the grayscale, which had drifted somewhat, and also did another service menu convergence. Anyone with a Tosh RPTV will know that this takes time- it seems that the memory for the 'Touch Focus' is not fully invoked until you do convergence 2-3 times. I believe he also checked geometry, which looked ok.

    He was at my house for nearly 2 hours, when technically, all he had to do was spend 15 minutes doing the focus. Needless to say, I'm happy with his work, and it's good to see someone take pride in their finished product. He went the extra mile to ensure a satisfied customer. I thought the set looked pretty good on Saturday, last night it looked even better.

    I can easily recommend him to those in the NY area.

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