Just got an X1: impressions

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Josh~H, Aug 27, 2003.

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    I posted a more complete set of impressions on avsforum, but here's a summary:

    - DVD looks better than it does on my Tosh 42H81.
    - HDTV looks very good (not as detailed as the Tosh, but subjectively better)
    - Homeade blackout screen ($30) works great, so I can delay the purchase of a prefabricated screen for a while
    - Brightness was impressive: still viewable with the dimmer-switch set to 1/2.
    - Power cord: terrible piece of crap that should never have been shipped with the X1. It becomes disloged with the slightest jostling.
    - Rainbows: I've seen a couple, but they don't stress me out.
    - Other: I felt slightly queasy after watching it...I don't know if this is just getting used to the large screen, a side-effect of the rainbows, or the fact that I didn't eat dinner yesterday. [​IMG]

    I'll have more impressions as I watch with more scrutiny. I plan on watching The Two Towers in the next couple of days, and I'll watch the picture with extra scrutiny. I'll also watch my first HD football game this weekend -- this is the "other" big test next to DVD watching that my X1 must pass.

    By the way I'm projecting a 94" diagonal image, the projector is set to 16:9 mode, and it's projecting on a 98" 16:9 screen. I'm sitting about 11 feet away, and couldn't see screendoor until I was around 7-ft away.

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