Just got a Vizio E550i-A0 out of a time constraint, let me know if I should exchange it

Discussion in 'Displays' started by Jemi200, Jul 8, 2013.

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    EDIT: Posted on general forums as this seems more of a general question not a specific spec change or something like that

    I'd really like to know from you guys since I had one of my previous TVs break and needed a TV fast.

    Did I make the right choice with this model?

    I can't go any higher than the price (around $857 w/tax).

    I mainly game on it and plan to use it for XboxOne/PS4. However I watch wrestling with my dad on it as well.

    I heard of things such as post processing with higher-than-60-fps TVs, so I'm thinking twice about my purchase.

    And above all, I want the best TV for that price point for gaming.

    Please let me know, I know you guys are smart, thanks a lot!

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