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    Adam Sandler returns to the big screen with an update of "Cactus Flower" along with Jennifer Anison, Brooklyn Decker, and Nick Swardson. There's also one more supporting role filled by an Oscar-winning Best Actress that just surprised the hell out of me, as she did pretty well with the comedic material. Oh, and Dave Matthews also has a minor part.

    So plastic surgeon Danny (Sandler) finds that he gets a lot more tail by pretending to be a married man on the way to divorcedom, which is all well and good until he meets the woman of his dreams in Palmer (Decker), but she finds out after they hook they he's married, she balks at any further contact. Danny conjures up story upon story to convince Palmer that he's about done with his divorce, and this requires the help of his long-time admin assistant, Katherine (Aniston), and her 2 children as Danny is at the mercy of all the lies he's told to keep the fires stoked with Palmer.

    I had a lot of fun with this film, it's not great, but it does deliver a lot of laughs, and it's not totally dominated by Danny, so the cast gets a lot of screentime to flesh out their parts in this farcical look at such a premise. Decker looks great in a bikini, and Aniston holds her own against Decker. This is one of the few films of late where I could stand Aniston's character, mainly because she's written to be rather sympathetic, and not on the impetuous bitchy side.

    I give it 2.75 stars, or a grade of B-.

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