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    I just picked up an el' Cheapo Apex AD1225 ($30 after rebate, by the way) as I heard it played Kodak CD/JPEG files and thought it would be fun to put on some slide shows in the theater. I know the computer would do it twice as well at no cost, but its two floors away and I thought this would be easier. So I get this thing home and to my amazment it starts to load one of my CDRs. Unfortunatly, it will only play the first 12 shots and then goes to a Kodak titled menu with the 12 pics in thumbnails and numbers them. There is a spot on the bottom of the menu that says next, but pushing that doesn't do squat. Now, don't get my wrong, it plays a very nice slide show, but only the first 12 pics and my CDRs have hundreds of shots on them. APEX customer service(A 15 minute wait on hold at my expense) says that Kodak CDs only have 12 shots on them so thats the way it is supposed to be and I'm outt'a luck. What do you guys think?

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