Jewel: The Essential Song Book Blu-Ray

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    Jewel: The Essential Live Song Book Blu-Ray

    This is the the most amazing thing I have ever heard on my system.

    Jewel delivers the most intimate performance and interpretation of her familiar melodies. DTS Master Audio on this title is phenomenal, not a description I give lightly. The term reference is almost too cavalier, this title is perfect start to finish. There are close to four hours of perfection here. The production values are top notch, never panning too quickly, and always going to a shot that complements the mood or emotion of the song. Close ups of Jewels fret and finger work on her acoustic guitar are appropriate and solidify her standing as a true artist. The Image quality is crisp, colors vibrant, but still resonate as natural and balanced. If true acoustic material is something you enjoy, this Blu-Ray title is not to be missed.

    Equipment used: Marantz SR8002 Receiver (set-up as 5.1), Polk monitor 60s front, DCM Center, Polk R20 rears, Sony Sub woofer, Sony Blu-Ray Player. 32" LCD panel.

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