Jean Michel Jarre "Live in China" DVD

Discussion in 'Music' started by Paul Boyle, Jun 4, 2005.

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    I posted the following on a UK Forum & thought some of you fellow music / dvd lovers might be interested (?)
    I couldn't see any US etailers carrying this DVD so it might be released at a later date than Europe or you may have to import it (?) ...

    My copy of the above DVD arrived this morning & I have to say how impressive it is!
    A DVD of the main concert in The Forbidden City within Beijing - this DVD also has some extra concert footage from Tian'anmen Square - both concerts are in 5.1 & DTS and according to the box feature the first concert DVD to get THX Certification - the audio is excellent and very LOUD compared to my other concert DVDS & the quality still appears to be top notch as you'd expect from Jarre (& the fact that its got the THX seal of approval)
    The bits of the show I have watched are like a live version of "Aero" with a Chinese flavour (some added Chinese orchestra & solo instruments) and IMHO it works really well - looking forward to really cranking this one up when the opportunity arises :D
    The main DVD has a commentary track with Jarre (haven't checked this out yet)
    Next there is a 2nd DVD with a couple of documentaries - the main one is about Jarre's trip to China and is over 50mins - it is in French but has English & a few other subtitles
    Finally there is a CD of the concert music
    Did I mention its in a really nicely made double digipak ?(although the CD is just tucked in a flap)
    From what I've seen & heard so far well worth checking out [​IMG]

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