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    I emailed Clint & company a couple of times in the past about this subject and I'm happy to see it finally featured. As it took so LONG to get to press, I couldn't wait any longer and investigated this on my own and decided on a program that I'm rather shocked to see omitted in your article. What about the DVDProfiler?

    I have used it for some time now and I'm very satisfied. Other users feel the same I'm sure. It may not be as customizable as Collectorz and others but the time and effort downloading or entering data for titles owned is shortened considerably by having a "communal" database fed by licensed users to gather information from, not forcing one to go to multiple sites to obtain your information. There are other pluses as well. The on-line community is also a real help to communicate with and get valuable assistance in using your program.

    I think you guys really missed one here! All you other DVDPro users out there, sing out!

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