International Jacques Tati's 'Mon Oncle' and 'Jour de Fete' on BFI Blu ray

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    'Mon Oncle' and 'Jour de Fete' are both being released by the BFI (not the FBI) at the end of October.
    Exciting news! I've pre-ordered both from They're cheap buying at slightly less than 10 pounds each for o'seas buyers..
    'Mon Oncle' shares billing as my favourite Tati movie, or at least up there with 'Hulot'.
    And I'm pleased to see that the original-release black-and-white version of 'Jour de Fete' is on the Blu ray disc alongside the restored Thomson Colour version. The colour movie is very appealing with its delicate, faded washes, but because of the editing process and scenes chosen for addition or deletion, I still prefer the old B & W version, though I'd always want the quaint colour version as well. My French DVD with the colour version does of course lack subtitles, but you hardly need subtitles for Tati ... nor do you really need English versions of the movies, which he prepared for Mon Oncle and Hulot's Holiday.
    I saw Mon Oncle here in Melbourne Australia on its first cinema release many years ago, and then at Southbank during a BFI season when I was a BFI member for several years in London .. I guess that probably means I saw it first in the 'English' version, and then perhaps the French version at the BFI, and French again on the Criterion DVD. Bloody good movie whichever version!
    This should be quite a Blu ray projection cinema weekend when this parcel arrives. Not just Tati, but also the Blu ray of two other favourite French movies, the Pagnol memoirs La Gloire de Mon Père & Le Château de Ma Mère. Absolute francophile bliss.......
    Anthony in Woodend, Vic, Australia
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