It's been awhile, but it's time to build my house! (plasma/whole-home audio install)

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by KrisPfeiffer, Apr 15, 2006.

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    Yes, the home theatre I built a few years ago is still going strong, right down to the CRT projector. I hate to give it up, but a growing family is requiring a move. It looks like we're going to build. Yikes.

    So I've been walking around in models thinking "how am I going to do this?" The dedicated home theatre won't happen for a while. The living room will have to suffice for a while. Additionally, I'll want to distribute audio throughout the home. Perhaps video, too. Dunno.

    So the proposed system is a follows:

    1. Plasma TV in living room
    2. LCR in-wall speakers flanking the plasma.
    3. Surround speakers...somewhere.
    4. Sub...somewhere.

    I'll power this using my existing Onkyo XX-KKK reciever. It's a nice unit - it's powering my current setup.

    I want NOTHING showing as far as sources, etc. in the plasma setup. I've lived with the gigantic armoire housing my 32" TV, and it's nice to see it leave. The main sources for the TV will be DirectTiVo, DVD, and probably the internal HD tuner. If and when I get some sort of HD source, I'll want to hook that up, too. So, how do wire everything up in the wall as I build? I'd run component, composite, and hdmi (or whatever it's called) to somewhere below the system downstairs (it's a ranch). Can I run these connections for 10 feet?

    Next stop: whole-home. My current setup is a kluged together. My main home theatre system has a zone-2 out which passes through a distribution box and acts as the whole-home bus. That audio is sent via a line-level RG6 pair throughout the house. It's sent to the living room upstairs and my bedroom system. It's also sent to an old amplifier next to the downstairs system which powers kitchen and outdoor speakers. How do I control it? I run downstairs and push buttons.

    The idea here is to make things easier for my wife and more convenient for everybody. I've seen the Russound keypads. Very nice. I don't want the shmancy LCD ones, just the simple ones. Perhaps the ABUS ones...not sure. I'd want the Tv setup upstairs to be able to hook into the whole-home audio bus. I'd be nice if I could control the whole-home audio through the main system's remote, too.

    The bedroom will have it's own little audio/video setup, but the speakers will be in-wall. I'd like to be able to have that system listen to the whole-home audio bus, yet still be able to listen to a local source (e.g., DirectTV receiver) on the whole-home audio speakers.

    Finally, kitchen. iPod. I'd like to be able to plug my iPod into something and listen to it via the whole-home audio system.

    Ok, everybody - have at it. You practically built my home theatre from the ground up, so I bet it's going to be another fun project.

    Lots of photos to follow.


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