Is there a computer virus out there that can change the last four digits of a CC number?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Dick, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Twice in one week, after years of never having this issue, I have had payments to my credit cards reversed and am suffering late fees and reversal fees because, for two card payments (so far) my default CC # on the two sites is one I do not recognize, nor have I any accounts ending with the four digits that show after the twelve x's. Has anyone heard of a virus that can f**k up a person's personal information on CC website account pages?
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    No. It's possible, though, and I hate to say this, that someone may have opened accounts in your name. You need to contact the banking establishments and get information, because you may find that you have credit cards out there you don't know about.

    A common hack is that if people get access to your account (normally not through virus but through password hacks) they then void a card and ask for a new one to be sent to them.. after they have changed the address/etc.

    I'd at least contact the bank and find out what's up.

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