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    Hi Everyone:

    Happy to be a new member of this forum. A little background, I work for a company who does HD streaming online and I am in the process of starting to build a home theater.

    I am a big audio fan, never really got into HT but lately and being involved in HD I have decided to start building my own HT. In regards to audio I am very happy with my old and faithful Marantz 140, a Luxman pre-amp and a pair of Infinity CS7007 (I think that's the right model). In terms of HT I am still researching. All I know for now is that I will go with a projector (not sure which) and my speakers will be Paradigm. In terms of the rest, looking at Onkyo integrated amps or a NAD pre+amp setup or Cambridge Soundworks. 5.1 or 7.1 still to be decided.
    This is the area where I will be doing more research and all suggestions are welcome. That's it for now, sorry for the long post, but wanted to say hello and thank everybody in advance.


    Paul NY

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