Intermittent waves onscreen

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    My latest problem: Upon occasion, when watching a live broadcast, I have experienced moving horizontal "waves" onscreen. The weird thing is that the waves do not show up every time nor are they onscreen for the entire broadcast. For example, during ESPN's baseball game last night, the picture was fine for the first 20 minutes and then waves appeared, remained for awhile and disappeared. They do not show up on a recording.
    I have my 53XBR300 hooked to a JVC 9600 and the waves occur regardless of whether the cable picture is passed through the VCR or not.
    Is this a tuner problem with the tv? Is it electrical interference which could be solved with a power conditioner? I don't recall seeing these waves on either of my other sets at the same time as they show up on the main set.
    Thanks for any help!

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