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Discussion in 'Mobile Phones / Entertainment' started by Al.Anderson, Nov 4, 2004.

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    I'm looking for some advice before I walk into a store. I've been enjoying satellite, but not my self installation - it reminds me of my clunky cassette player I had in the 70s. (And yes, I can proudly claim I never had 8-track!) Since I just bought a new car I was going to look to have an audio store install something for me. So, even though I have satellite, this is basically a newbie question. (And I didn't see a FAQ.)

    Is there anything I should know of, or look, for when requesting an aftermarket install? For instance, I looked at the XM & Sirius web sites, and it appears that if you don't get a factory install you have to go with one of those magnetic roof antenneas. Hate mine. Is that true? Is it better to get a full radio/satellite console; or am I just as good getting a satellite tuner attached to a factory radio (Toyota JBL in my case).

    And BTW, since all the threads I checked before posting discuss XM vs Sirius, I have and like Sirius. I'm not a heavy listener, so the playlists don't bother me. But I'll probably be switching to XM for the MLB. But if either provider provides a better after market solution, I'll be going that way.

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