Info on vintage energy pro22 speakers?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Ryan T, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I was at my local thrift store today and picked up a pair of energy Pro22's for $50. I tried to do some research online but there isnt much about them other than a few tid bit about them being the flagship model in 1982.

    "1982 | Energy Pro22 Series
    This series was an absolute breakthrough in sonic performance. Featuring the "million-dollar" Dual Hyperdome Tweeter, the Pro 22 Series was engineered to better handle high and middle frequencies while eliminating resonance. Later that year, the Energy 22 was selected to be the Reference model for the NRC and the CBC."

    They are in pretty good shape. The enclosures are a bit banged up with some scratches and chips here and there but nothing major. Heres the delima though. Both tweeters are blown [​IMG]. I called energy and its $120 per tweeter to get them rebuilt. Aparently the dual hyperdome tweeter is pretty rare and they only have a few. Something to do with the fact that the tweeter faceplate isnt made anymore or something. Anyway I'm just trying to get some info on them to see if its worth having energy rebuild the tweeters or not.


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