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Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Lance Nichols, Aug 11, 2003.

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    Last night (Sunday 10 August 2003) CBC showed the third film in The Indiana Jones trilogy.

    Per previous screenings on the Sunday night time slot they did some good and bad things....

    - Pan and Scan broadcast, except for opening credits.
    - Old, poor transfer with visible dirt and scratches.
    - two hour film mangled to three hours, with a 30 minute news break before the last 30 minutes.

    Good Things:
    - Breaks often had small trivia tidbits from the host about the movie
    - Rotating hosts who offer (abit minor) insight on their take of the film, and promoted their own upcoming works

    Which sort of leads me to part two of this post. Did anyone catch who hosted Last Crusade? She reminded me a bit of Sarah Polley, but it wasn't her. I didn't catch her name, and would be interested in who she is, and what she is appearing in.


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