Increasing Number of Tuners in Media Center and Remote Access Software

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Parker Clack, Dec 7, 2010.

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    mattCR pointed another member to a piece of software the other day called Tuner Salad that enables you to get past the 4 tuner limit of Media Center. So I thought I would give it a look see. As many of you know Media Center limits the number of tuners you can use to 4 at a time. Thanks to Tuner Salad,, a freeware/donorware program that allows you to increase this limit I have increased the number of tuners I can have on my Media Center HPTC to 8 with no problem. (You still have to have 8 tuners available) but having the increased ability is great.

    In addition Silicondust, inventors of HDHomerun, will be introducing soon the HDHomerun Prime,, which will allow you to use a cablecard with your system and give you 3 tuners at one time. Or if you chose you can go with the new Ceton quad tuner cable card PC Card which our own Dr. Fowkes discusses in the following thread ( Also, while you are there looking over Tuner Salad definitely pick up My Channel Logos ( to add channel logo icons to your EPG in Media Center.

    Another item that I found while in the same area is a great program that allows you to install a remote desktop access to your Media Center program called Remote Potato ( You simply download this program, create a free DnyDNS account and forward a port. Then you can login remotely from any web browser and control your media center, be it record a program you forgot to set up or watch something that you recorded.

    So if you are like me and use Media Center as your PVR on your HTPC the above programs help take it up one step further.


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