In-ceiling speaker decision for 7.1 system

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by StephenW, Apr 20, 2003.

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    I need help in deciding which brand of in-ceiling speakers to purchse to replace my definitive 5.1 system when I upgrade to 7.1. Currently have Sony DA777ES 5.1 receiver and strongly considering the Sony DA7ES for 7.1. I know in-ceiling speakers will not provide the performance of free standing enclusure speakers but I have agreed to "cooperate" with the wife as she redecorates the house. I know in-wall speakers would be a bettercompromise but I do not have wall space to accommodate. I also will be going to in-ceiling for the master bedroom in a 5.1 system supported by HK AVR320.

    I was close to selecting Sonance in-ceiling Ellipse 2.0 for LCR (pivoting tweeter and midrange with fixed woofer) and Ellipse Surrounds for the 4 back and rear channels(all elliptical shaped)when someone indicated that Speakercraft had an excellent line with pivoting and adjustable tweeters and woofers. Sonance also makes a few round dipoles (RS1 and RS2 although I do not feel I want to mix shapes of front and rears although I think I may prefer the diffused sound for the surround effect. Speakercraft has the more conventional round design which would blend better with numerous in-ceiling lights. I have not been able to find any discounts on Sonance whereas I can obtain a considerable discount on the Speakercraft AIM Five top of the line.

    Appreciate anyone with knowledge of either Sonance or Speakercraft and welcome advise.


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