I'm soooo glad I purchased my Infocus 4805 from A/V Science !!!

Discussion in 'After Hours Lounge (Off Topic)' started by Dave Hahn, Dec 19, 2004.

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    I purchased my Infocus SP 4805 from Jason at A/V Science in early October. When I ordered it I told him I needed it for October 8th for a special event. Jason told me that their shipment wouldn't be in by then, but that he'd ship me his demo unit to use until my projector shipped! [​IMG] He was as good as his word and I received his demo unit in time for my youth group's sleepover/Star Wars 5 movie marathon. [​IMG]

    About three weeks after I received my projector I soon noticed that it suffered from two common problems, color wheel noise and the 3-pixel white line. I emailed Jason and asked if he had another unit for replacement. His response:
    If I sent my projector in for repair, I would have been without it for who knows how long, so I kept it and hoped Jason and A/V Science would keep their promise.

    Now, more than 60 days after my initial purchase, 30+ days over the standard 30-day warranty, I have my new projector! They just shipped it to me. They didn't ask me to ship my projector back first, or for a security deposit or anything like that. They just kept their promise.

    A/V Science has always enjoyed a good reputation on this and other forums, and now I see why.

    I heartily recommend A/V Science to anyone wishing to purchase home theater equipment. Their pricing is very competative, they are extremely knowledgeable and their customer service is not just excellant, it is "above and beyond the call."

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