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    At the jeep club I belong to I was talking to one of the members and he told me he had so old audio stuff that he sell me for 200.00. I was thinking sure bunch of junk. He email a list of what he had that night.
    Two Kenwood speakers
    Four old amps (he did not know what there was)
    Two radio shack speakers
    A Parasound tuner and a bunch of wiring
    Will I thought the Parasound was something I should look at and he needed some money
    This is what I got
    Two Kenwood KL888D 5 way 6 speakers System
    Two Kenwood L-07M mono block amps
    Two Carver TFM-6C Amps
    A Parasound P/SP-1500 Preamplifier (it was not a tuner)
    Two Nova-10
    I hook it all up One of the Carver is not working.
    All the rest works very will I’m not a Kenwood fan but dam the KL888d sound really nice and the Nova-10 are better then I thought they wood be too ( I’m sure it may have something to do with the Carver amp too)
    I called him back, gave him 200.00 more, and still made out very will I’m sure.
    I think my home theater just got a up date

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