I never want to see or hear Wolf Blitzer again...

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    Let's start with the name... "Wolf"? What's with that?
    But, okay, if that was his given name, fine.
    But this CNN anchor is the dullest, most redundant and absolutely worst personality the network has. He is on hours and hours every day, and appears to be the cornerstone anchor of the network, but his delivery is droning monotone and boring as a door nail. Further, he is the prime delivery vessel of the "fear factor" on CNN, roping viewers into watching his program by ratcheting up the anxiety Americans naturally feel about everything from terrorism to "fiscal cliff" to...well, name the latest national crisis. He and his so-called consultants and experts have helped make this country insanely paranoid. I blame viewers, too, who are too short-sighted to see what is being done to them because they aren't willing to seek out corroborating information from genuine news sources, such as PBS and BBC. Blitzer and his cronies have turned CNN from a once-brilliant (true news) channel (remember Bernard Shaw and Peter Arnett and others o/f their ilk?) into something not far-removed from Fox. Lots of gossip and speculation, manipulative, uncorroborated information, unreliable news. Ted Turner, if he were dead, would be turning in his grave. Too bad that this network was squandered, considering it had unparalleled global reporter coverage and actually seemed to report hard news without compromise...once.

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