I Need Advice on Getting the Most Out of a Proxima DS1

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    Before anyone replies with the obligatory "Yeah, get a diferent projector. There are much better projectors than the DS1", please keep in mind this projector is being offered to me at no cost = $0, so I'd like to try and see just how good a picture I can get with this unit.
    I also understand that the Proxima DS1 may be one of many clones including the CTX EzPro 700, NEC MultiSync LT81, and Plus UP-800. Here is a link to where I asked about the origin of these units: http://www.hometheaterforum.com/uub/...ML/008047.html
    If these are clones, I'd really appreciate hearing from anyone who has had experience with these units.
    What I am trying to find out is...
    1) What is the ideal environment and set-up for this projector? (lighting?, screen type & size?, etc)
    2) Are there any tweaks or specific calibrations I should have done to this unit?
    3) What kind of additional equipment might you suggest to improve this projector's performance? (anamorphic lens?, scaler?, HTPC?, etc)
    The primary use (90%) will be for watching DVDs, secondary use (9%) will be for playing CD/DVD-ROM games like the Myst Series, MS Flight Simulator, and such. Perhaps accasionally (1%) some NTSC material.
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