I have several Sony Betamaxes, Panasonic SVHS recorders to sell.

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    I have new in the box, or barely used Betamaxes, Super VHS VCRs, home satellite receiver and other home satellite equipment with the Chapparal and Monterrey brand names, as well as a Novabeam screen, and an 11' box with the name Electriscreen. I also have 2 McIntosh 2500 Amplifiers, 2 Audio Research Corporation amplifiers. All this stuff has been sitting in an air-conditioned home unused since the man who purchased it died around 1995.
    His son left everything as it was. I am charged with liquidating this estate at fair prices for the benefit of Rice University in Houston, Texas.
    Please help me find buyers who will appreciate these items. I have sold a few on eBay, but I have reached my selling limit there and I know this doctor would want these to reach other audio/home theatre philes like himself.
    I have attached pictures of 2 screens in his home below. One is still in the 11-foot box. The other silver 80" Novabeam is set up in the living room.
    Please call me with any interest you have in these items. Please...
    Allison You can email me at houstonestatesale@gmail.com OR call me at 713-256-4231.

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