I have an Electriscreen and a Novabeam to sell to a good home.

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    I am selling the estate of a doctor who left a treasure trove of home theater equipment. His son left it unopened since 1995. In some cases, I cut the seal before I realized I should not.

    I feel for the man who retired but never got to use his great stuff. These things need a good home.

    The list is amazing, but for this forum I mention an eleven foot box with Electriscreen on it. See the picture.

    I also have a silver Novabeam, which is 80 inches diagonally.
    See the second picture here. I don't know how properly to take this one down to ship it. Could you tell me?

    And thanks for looking. Please comment here on these for me. I need information what they are for. And if at all inclined, please make an offer.

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