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    Before anything else, I want to say I am impressed by this forum because of its knowledge, expertise, atmosphere and responsiveness and thats just on the first day of joining.
    I can see myself going through the threads in the future just for knowledge sake [​IMG].. Thanks to everyone here for taking the time to share their knowledge and help others.

    My issue : Want excellent sound, without spending big bucks. (lets stay in the 400-500 range) Background : Thought of buying a HTIB due to price reasons. Tried a few. Not very impressed by the sound.
    Present situation : Trying to change mindset from HTIB to component system and convince myself, that if I have to up the price a little, it will be worth it.
    Pros : Own a DVD player with built in DTS/Dolby digital decoder and D/A converter. (specs below)
    Cons : Know absolutely nothing about Home Theater's, no idea about different companies, do not much understand the meaning of the specs of different models etc.

    Whats your recommendations/opinions/suggestions?. I care about the sound, sound and sound the most. From another thread, I saw someone
    suggest a 2 speaker good quality system instead of a 5 speaker HTIB and I realized that probably that was a good idea and I could simply add stuff later. I can live with only two speakers
    for sometime but I want the sound to be the best that I can afford.Trying to stay in my price range, what would be the recommendations for the receiver and speakers (5.1 or just lesser for now) , that will go well with
    the DVD player that I already own? *or* Does anyone know of an HTIB which might be a better buy than the two speaker idea?

    Thanks a bunch for your help.



    Pioneer DVD Player (DV-626D)
    Specs :
    • S-video Output - 2 individual outputs
    • Video Output (RCA Jack) - 2 individual output
    • Component video output - 1
    • Audio Output (Stereo) - 2 pairs
    • Audio Output(5.1 Ch) (RCA Jack) - 1
    • Optical Output - 1
    • Coax Digital Output - 1

    Digital audio characteristics:
    • Frequency Response: 4Hz to 44KHz(DVD fs: 96kHz)
    • S/N Ratiomore than 15dB
    • Dynamic rabgemore then 103dB
    • Total harminic distortion0.002%

    Silly question : Is there any way to make use of the speaker set that I have for the purpose of a home theater?
    (may be atleast for now?)

    GE 5 Pc Flat Panel speaker Set (HO98023)

    System Power (RMS) : 19 W
    Subwoofer Power (RMS) : 9W
    Satellites Power (RMS) 2.5 W X 4
    Speakers : 4" Subwoofer, 3" Satelites
    Frequesncy Reponse30Hz - 200Hz (Subwoofer)
    100Hz - 20KHz (Satellites)

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