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    There was nothing we could do to accurately describe what
    we saw. You needed to see it in person. We couldn't capture
    anything on video. You needed to hear and feel it in person.

    However, bar-none, the best Home Theater presentation we
    saw at Cedia this year was the Cinepro AFM System.

    Never have we been so immersed in sound and audio that it
    completely took us out of reality. It is the system that all of
    us can only dream of owning as its price is forbidding.

    Robert Fowkes chose this Home Theater as one of his
    Top 5 Favorite Things at Cedia 2009. Both Parker and I are
    in complete agreement that nothing that was shown by any
    other vendor at the show came close to Cinepro.

    According to Cinepro:

    We used our AFM system at CEDIA with 2 – 15”HVV subwoofers. It
    consisted of a left and right Main speaker Line Array with each having
    4 - 8” drivers and 8 – 1” tweeters. A center hybrid array consisting of
    5 – 8” woofers and 5 – 1” tweeters. And 4 surrounds with 2 – 6”
    woofers each surrounding a tri-tweeter array. 12 channels of
    amplification…..1 – 4k6-5 biamping the front stage and a 3k6-5
    powering 2 subs via our MBDM-2 and 4 surrounds.

    Parker and I had the opportunity to watch clips from
    Peter Jackson's King Kong. The clarity of the images
    produced by the Barco projector combined with the audio
    from their AFM Speakers gave a sensation of realism
    that was unmatched by anything else at the show.
    Even our friends over at HighDefDiscNews (Justin, Brendan
    and James) were raving about their experience watching the
    demo. In short, anyone that had seen it, will still talking about
    it after the show is over.

    We hope to be traveling out to their facility in the next
    few months to get a first-hand look at their system and
    do some further reports on it for members of Home Theater

    I have included the specs of their product below: [​IMG]

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