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    Raging Bull: 30th Anniversary Edition
    Release Date: Available now
    Studio: MGM Home Entertainment
    Packaging/Materials: Two-disc Blu-ray "ECO-BOX" with slipcover
    Year: 1980
    Rating: R
    Running Time: 2:09:00
    MSRP: $29.99




    1080p high definition 16x9 1.85:1

    Standard and high definition


    DTS-HD Master Audio: English 5.1 / Dolby Digital: English 2.0, Spanish 5.1 / DTS: French 5.1, Russian 5.1



    English SDH, Spanish, French, Russian


    "Raging Bull" made its debut on Blu-ray in February 2009 and was a highly recommended release, as it carried over the disc-based extras from the last DVD edition and sported an impeccable video presentation (read the full HTF review for all the details).

    With the film reaching its 30th anniversary, it makes sense to commemorate the amazing film with a new special edition, but does it live up to the title coming just two years after its Blu-ray debut? Not based on the addition of four new featurettes and a DVD copy (and a few minor changes to the feature's secondary audio and subtitle options). However the release does have the same excellent transfer and the same special features as before, making it worth picking up for those who haven't already. There's little reason to for those who have the 2009 edition, however - the additions just aren't substantial enough to justify a double dip.

    "Raging Bull: 30th Anniversary Edition" Blu-ray includes the following additions:

    Marty and Bobby: (13:35, HD): Robert DeNiro and Martin Scorsese talk about how they met, their first collaborations together and working on "Raging Bull." Some time is spent on other films like "New York, New York" and "The King of Comedy," but most of the detailed recollections center around "Raging Bull."

    Raging Bull: Reflections On A Classic (12:15, HD): Directors Richard Kelly ("Donnie Darko"), Kimberly Pierce ("Boys Don't Cry"), Scott Cooper ("Crazy Heart") and Neil LaBute ("In the Company of Men") talk about what makes the film so great and how it influenced their own work. Insightful and interesting, I could have stood for this piece to be a little longer.

    Remembering Jake (11:04, HD): Members of New York's Veteran Boxers Association talk about their personal reminisces about LaMotta and how he influenced the sport.

    Marty On Film (10:30, HD): Scorsese talks about how he first developed a love of cinema, his early projects and the significance of what he calls "personal filmmaking."

    DVD Copy: Presented in 1.85:1 anamorphic and Dolby Digital 5.1 at 448 kbps. Additional audio options include English 2.0, French 1.0, and Spanish 1.0. Extras include the theatrical trailer and various promos for MGM films.

    The press release for the title created some confusion about the location of the audio commentaries, stating they were located on the DVD. To be clear, all three audio commentaries are located on the Blu-ray disc, attached to the high definition feature presentation.

    Final Tally

    (Based on the review of the 2009 edition and the new content of the 30th Anniversary Edition.)

    The Feature: 5/5
    Video Quality: 4.5/5
    Audio Quality: 3.5/5
    Special Features: 5/5
    Overall Score (not an average): 4.5/5

    MGM Home Entertainment turns in a "Raging Bull" Blu-ray release worthy of a celebratory subtitle, though the same could have been said about the 2009 edition. While the new extras don't justify a second purchase for those who own the previous release, the "30th Anniversary Edition" is an obvious choice for those who have yet to add the film to their collections.

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